Genomics, Evolution, and Disease Symposium

Image credit: [Nora Engel]


The Genomics, Evolution, Disease Symposium provides a forum for Temple University (and Temple-affiliated) genomicists to meet and discuss recent discoveries and innovations in the fields of evolution and disease. This year, we will begin with a meet-and-greet luncheon at noon, followed by a brief introduction by Michele Masucci, Vice-President for Research. Two sessions of talks and a poster session will highlight the diverse array of genomic-based research at Temple. Dr. Jeff Townsend (Yale) will give a special keynote talk on his work intersecting genomics, evolution, and disease. Finally, we will have a chance to chat more at the happy hour reception.

Nora Engel, PhD
Nora Engel, PhD
Associate Professor

Head of the Engel Lab