Engel Lab hiring Postdoctoral Fellow!

Postdoctoral Position available to investigate exprerssion and epigenetic differences between males and females throughout embryonic development.

Engel Lab awarded NSF grant to study sex differences during embryonic development

Award will support epigenetic and expression studies across mouse embryonic stages

Review of Genomic Sexual Dimorphism published in Frontiers of Cell Dev. Biology

Sexual Dimorphism in the Age of Genomics: How, When, Where

Paper published in Biology of Sex Differences

The developmental origins of sex-biased expression in cardiac development

Engel Lab awarded R03 from NCI to study Beckwith-Wiedeman Syndrome

Award will support conformational, epigenetic and expression studies

BioEssays article in the news

Comments in BioEssays and Advanced Science News

Hypothesis article published in BioEssays

Sex Differences in Early Embryogenesis: Inter-Chromosomal Regulation Sets the Stage for Sex-Biased Gene Networks

Genomics, Evolution, and Disease Symposium

Description The Genomics, Evolution, Disease Symposium provides a forum for Temple University (and Temple-affiliated) genomicists to meet and discuss recent discoveries and innovations in the fields of evolution and disease. This year, we will begin with a meet-and-greet luncheon at noon, followed by a brief introduction by Michele Masucci, Vice-President for Research.