Meet the Team

Principal Investigator


Nora Engel, PhD

Associate Professor, Medical Genetics and Molecular Biochemistry

Sex differences, Gene regulation, Early development



Daniel Deegan

Masters Student

Science, Research, Biology


Priya Nigam

Undergraduate Researcher

Science, Research, Biology


Victorya Richardson

Research Assistant

Science, Research, Biology


Jennifer Kalish, MD.Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Director of the Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome Program

Genomic Imprinting Diseases, Pediatric Cancer

Rob Kulathinal, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Center for Computational Genetics and Genomics

Evolutionary Genomics, Sexual Systems Genomics


Join our research effort at Temple University School of Medicine

The Engel lab is situated in the Fels Institute for Cancer Research at Temple University in the city of Philadelphia.

We are seeking postdocs who are excited about epigenetics, transcriptional regulation, and the dynamics of molecular sex differences throughout embryonic development. Some computational experience is required. Please apply by sending a CV, cover letter, and information for three references. Click here to learn more

Note to prospective students: Students interested in genetics, development and sex differences in health and disease and who are interested in combining computational and experimental approaches are strongly encouraged to rotate in the lab. All graduate students must apply through Temple University’s PhD program