Meet the Team

Principal Investigator


Nora Engel, PhD

Associate Professor

Sex differences, Gene regulation, Developmental biology, Cancer



Daniel Deegan

Lab manager

Science, Research, Biology


Gillian Mcguire

MD/PhD candidate

Science, Research, Biology

Kiera Patton

Undergraduate student

Science, Research, Biology


Priya Nigam

Medical student, Emeritus member of the lab

Science, Research, Biology


Arjun Krishnan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, CU Anshutz

Integrative analysis of large-scale data, Biology-informed ML models, Software development

Art Arnold, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor, Integrative Biology & Physiology, UCLA

Sex determination, Sexual differentiation

M. Raza Zaidi, PhD

Associate Professor, Cancer and Cellular Biology

Role of the microenvironmental cytokine Interferon-gamma in initiation and progression of UV-induced melanoma, The genomic and epigenomic mechanisms of UV-induced melanomagenesis

Lab Alumni

  • Raza Naqvi. Undergraduate student
    Current: Medical student
  • Eshra Malhotra. Undergraduate student
  • Rachael Werner. MD/PhD student
    Current: MD/PhD student
  • Bryant Schultz. Lab manager
  • Gwendolyn Gallicio. Undergraduate student & research technician
    Current: Pharmacist
  • Jacklyn Huhn. Undergraduate student, research technician & MD/PhD student
    Current: MD/PhD student
  • Gaitree Boojraj. Undergraduate student/research technician
    Current: Medical student
  • Lisa Korotowski. PhD student
    Current: Life technologies representative
  • Natalie Sedlak. Research technician
    Current: Physician assistant
  • Gillian Breuer. Undergraduate student
    Current: DO
  • Brian Barnette. Medical student
    Current: MD
  • Burkley Snow. Medical student
    Current: MD


Join our research effort at the world-renowned Coriell Institute for Medical Research

The Engel lab is situated in the Coriell Intitute for Medical Research in Camden, New Jersey.

We are seeking postdocs who are excited about epigenetics, transcriptional regulation, and the dynamics of molecular sex differences throughout melanocyte development and during melanoma progression. Click here to learn more